Thursday, June 20, 2019

DIY Etched Glass Sea Turtle Window

"The sea, once it casts its spell, 
holds one in its net of wonder forever."
- Jacques Cousteau

Summertime always makes me think of the beach, which makes me think of the ocean, which makes me think of one of my favorite pastimes:  scuba diving!  I don't get to enjoy it as often as I would like and so I decided to bring a little of that underwater world into my home.  I have a very large window in the master bathroom and a jar of etchall® etching crème.  Time to play...

The window measures 32" x 58" so I had a lot of space to play with.  I found some SVGs that were perfect for creating the scene I had in mind and added a quote from Jacques Cousteau. This is by far the biggest etching project I have ever done so I decided to break it down into easy, manageable segments.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl stencils and started with the jellyfish in the upper right of the design.

When you are using a stencil to etch glass, just remember to weed out the parts that you want to have etched.  I weeded the jellyfish, leaving just the outline, and then picked it up with transfer tape and applied it to the glass.  I had previously cleaned the window and wiped it down with rubbing alcohol.  

The jellyfish was a little over a foot long and did not fit on my 12'x12" cutting mat. I had to piece it and then I promptly ordered a 12"x24" mat to be used later in my project! Once the entire image was in place I used the pads of  my fingers to make sure there were no air bubbles and then covered the outer edges with tape to protect the rest of the window. I covered the entire stencil area with a thick layer of etchall® etching crème.

After waiting 15 minutes I scraped the etching crème back into the jar - because it is completely reusable! I used a sponge to remove any remaining etching crème - wiping and rinsing with the sponge several times - before removing the stencil. (You can see in the last image that I decided the head of the jellyfish was too plain so I added some "brains" before I etched it!)

I love how it turned out! 

So basically I finished the window a section at a time. My next section was the sandy ocean floor and some aquatic plants.  I just wanted to share a couple of important tips to remember if you decide to tackle a big project.

Be sure to cover any exposed area that you do not want to be etched!  I put several layers of tape around the edges of each vinyl stencil and taped plastic sheeting (trashbags, old shower curtain or plastic table cloths) underneath the area where I was working to catch any drips - because there are ALWAYS drips. 

Gravity! See the mess I made below?  If I had not put the plastic in place that would have been my tile tub surround!

You may be wondering about the color of the etching crème I used.  For the jellyfish it was almost white and for the ocean floor it was chocolate brown.  I used 2 different jars of etching crème.  

The etching crème will darken with age or exposure to heat from white to caramel to chocolate brown to black. The color of the product does not affect usability or performance. I chose to use the older jar to finish the window because it was thicker and easier for me to manage on a vertical surface.   Also, I did not mix the old and new crème as it would have weakened the newer product.  You can find a lot of information about the care and use of your etchall® etching crème on the manufacturers page by following this LINK.

As far as placement of the stencils go I was pretty flexible and would eyeball it based on my original design.  After the stencil was weeded and covered with transfer tape I would hold it up against the window until I was happy with placement and then I used blue tape to mark the spot.  You can see in the pics below I was not precise, but I really did not need to be for this project.  

I am sharing the images below because you need to make sure you remove all of the etching crème and residue.  In the first picture it looks like I had splotchy etching.  Not so!  The second picture is of the same area after I went back with the sponge and did a better job of completely cleaning the etched area. ( BTW - I did end up getting all the specks wiped away!) 

Here are a couple of close ups for you:


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Materials for DIY Etched Glass Sea Turtle Window
etchall® etching crème
etchall® Squeegee 
etchall® etchmask Stencil Combo Pak
ShopSVGmarket - Sea Turtle 14 Designs

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Monday, May 27, 2019

DIY Steampunk Mask with ColorBox Blends 2

This month Eileen Hull's Inspiration Team is sharing projects created with some of her newly released products.  I used a selection of her Molten Dimension embossing powders from Emerald Creek and some of the new Metallic ColorBox Blends 2 from Clearsnap and was inspired to create a Steampunk mask. 
Time to play...

The mask was in my stash.  I purchased it from Joanne's Fabrics several years ago but there are similar stick masks available online.  I covered the whole mask with a light coat of Silver Blends 2, rubbing it on with my fingers, before adding Rose Gold as a blush and lipstick. I left it to dry overnight and then used my heat gun to completely set the ink. (Be very careful to not overheat and damage the mask!) I also hit it was a clear acrylic matte spray to seal it.

The gears I used are actually laser cut from chipboard and are a new product designed by Candy Rosenberg  for A Vintage Girl. I painted on a coat of gesso to the chipboard gears. (When you apply inks on top of this white base the colors will be true and strong. Also, the chipboard can be very absorbent and the gesso kind of seals it so you use less of the inks!)

I used 5 of Eileen's ColorBox Blends 2 inks - Copper, Rose Gold, Silver, Ebony and Flagstone - and applied them with a paint brush. Eileen's inks are very concentrated and a little bit goes a long way and that is especially true of the metallics. 

Her inks also blend beautifully which gives you a virtually unlimited palette of colors! I actually mixed the Ebony and Flagstone to create a custom color for the large gear:  a dark gray that reminds me of iron. 

I melted Eileen's Glistening Glass Molten Dimensions on the metallic gears, using her Clear Blends 2 ink first so the embossing powder would stick.  It honestly looked a bit too shiny and new so I grunged it up a bit with Ebony Blends 2 and applied another coat of the Glistening Glass.

Next I added bits of Polished Silver Molten Dimensions to the dark gray gears...

Clear Blends 2 ink can be used on top of any color to hold your embossing powder. 
Since it is a pigment ink it stays wet for a long time! 

...and finished it off with a dusting of  Black Magic Molten Dimensions. I love the mottled, imperfect texture you can get with this super chunky embossing powder!

I used Eileen's Clear Blends 2 to wet the lips and then applied Glistening Glass Molten Dimensions(Just be sure to not melt the mask when you melt the embossing powder!)

To attach the gears to the mask I used a Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes... 

...and then used brads and screws to hold it in place. A burnt out appliance bulb from my stash (yes I really do save some weird things) fit perfectly in one of the holes and was held in place with a Zots glue dot.

I applied a circular rub on from my stash to a large clear Dew Drop...

...and then attached it to the mask with clear drying craft glue from Therm O Web.

I added a Memory Light inside the mask as a fun surprise!  The light itself is held in position behind the Dew Drop eyeball with Therm O Web Supertape.  The activator button was adhered to the mask with a couple of Zots.

Simply pressing a button now lights up the eye!

For the other eye I decided to add a compass I found at the local scrap store.   I used a Zots to hold it in place temporarily...

 ...before securing it with the iCraft clear drying glue.  

Voila!  Super easy DIY steampunk mask!

Steampunk Mask Supplies:

Clearsnap ColorBox Blends 2 Metallics - Copper, Rose Gold, Silver
Clearsnap ColorBox Blends 2 - Ebony, Flagstone, Clear
Emerald Creek/Eileen Hull Molten Dimensions - Black Magic, Polished Silver, Glistening Glass
A Vintage Girl - Steampunk Gear Set, Chipboard
The Robin's Nest - Large Clear Dew Drops 
Therm O Web - Zots, Supertape, iCraft Glue
Memories and More - Memory Light
Light bulb
Rub on

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Steampunk Dreams with A Vintage Girl

Hello and welcome to the May Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop!

This month we are partnering with Candy Rosenberg and her company A Vintage Girl.  Candy has a love of all things vintage and steampunk inspired and she designed a line of products for your crafting pleasure!  I used one of her fabulous chipboard albums to create my mixed media  "Somewhere in Time" mini album.  
Time to play...

I received  the following products to play with: 

The "Steampunk Dreams" Dress Form Album has 7 pages including (3) laser cut and etched pages,  (2) chipboard and (2) corrugated pages.

The Steampunk Gear Set contains a cluster of laser cut chipboard gears plus additional gears that can be used for layering. (This set coordinates perfectly with the Steampunk Gears Chipboard Album.)

The Alphanumeric Alpha Set contains 3 full alphabets and lots of numbers!

I had a ton of fun playing with inks, embossing powders and papers but before I show you my finished album I have a few quick tips to share for working with this chipboard album.

There is a page with a laser cut dress form on the right edge.  I wanted to add paper to that page so I slipped a piece of paper under the dress form and traced the right edge.  I cut along the line and flipped it over.  Voila!  I have a pattern to use for my designer paper. (The area at the bottom was a bit fussy to cut so I ended up just tearing the paper on the actual page and inking - looks great!)

For the actual dress form I used Bay, Nutmeg and Copper Blends 2 inks to add color to the chipboard before covering it with clear embossing powder.

The album comes with 2 corrugated pages.  I applied Whipped Spackle through a stencil on one of the pages.  After it dried I added a light tint (Bay) and created tag pockets with SuperTape and chipboard scraps before adhering it to the 2nd corrugated page and embellishing.
Most of the embossing powders I used on the gears had a very smooth finish, however, I created a lot more texture for the gear on this page by first applying a layer of Ranger Distress embossing powder.  I added copper embossing powder on top!  Instant grunge!

Okay!  Enough tips!  Time for the finished album!

I actually added a page here! (I 'll share the details on that another time.)

I am keeping things pretty simple until I decide what pictures I am going to add.

Check out the other stops along the blog hop for more inspiration and ideas!  

 You can find the master list at

Materials for A Vintage Girl Steampunk Dreams Album:

A Vintage Girl - "Steampunk Dreams" Dress Form Album
A Vintage Girl - Steampunk Gear Set
A Vintage Girl - Alphanumeric Alpha Set
Clearsnap Eileen Hull ColorBox Blends 2 - Bay, Nutmeg, Copper
Clearsnap Clear Embossing Ink
Stamperia - Voyages Fantastiques
Emerald Creek Embossing Powder - Java
Embossing Powders - Copper, Platinum, Gold, Black, Clear
Ranger Distress Embossing Powder - Old Paper
Faber Castell Whipped Spackle
Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush
Therm O Web Supertape
Therm O Web Eileen Hull Adhesive Sheets
Sizzix Little Sizzles Mat Board
Rinea Foil Metallics Foiled Paper Variety Pack
Darice Embossing Folder
Rebecca Baer  - Steampunk Clockface Stencil
Stampendous Stencil
Dymo Label Maker
Charm, Twine, Tags

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