Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduation Exploding Box

Looking for the perfect Graduation Gift for your son, daughter, grandchild or BFF? Look no further! I am teaching a class over at Scrapbooks Plus to create this really cool box.
Yes! Another Exploding Box!
This one is full of pockets that will let you personalize your gift with pictures, mementos, and memories. It even has a place to hold gift cards! The box lid looks just like a graduation cap – including a tassel with a customizable date – and just when you think you have seen it all, the center medallion pops open to reveal a hidden mini-photo album!
This is one unique gift that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.The sample at the store is for Westfield High School, but any school (colleges, elementary) is available - just ask! Make one for yourself to remember your high school days - or to celebrate a reunion - lots of possibilities! The next (and last) class is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 10:30a -1:30p.


  1. Susie - thanks so much for the extra work you did on my box (custom logo). We gave it to Corri at her party on Sunday and she loved it (so did everyone else).

  2. Hello, my name is Andrea and I love crafts, I was delighted with his work and would like to make this beautiful box, but I live in Brazil and therefore would not take a class with you, do not you sell me the model for so I can do it?
    I'm waiting,


  3. Hello Susie,
    My name is Jennifer and I love this, I am a person of making gifts instead of buying them. I stumbled a crossed your blog while searching for a graduation gift for my dearest friend. I would like to make this beautiful box for her, she will be graduating as a nurse this December and I am so very proud of her accomplishments, However, I see you are in Virginia and I live in Florida therefore I am unable to take your class, I have searched my surrounding area for a similar class but did not have much luck finding a course :( (Do you know of anyone that offers a course in Tampa?) Or perhaps is it possible that you sell a kit so that I may assemble it and add my own detailed touches here? I hope to hear from you soon
    Please contact me by email: