Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation Explosion Box Classes a Success!

I knew when I designed my Graduation Explosion Box that it was going to be a big hit - but I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy teaching all you fun and talented ladies!

We created LOTS of boxes:
for local high schools...
...Westfield, Centreville, Chantilly, Heritage, Paul VI...
... and colleges and universities around the country: Miami (of Ohio) and Virginia Tech to name a few!

I know that red line tape is now your new favorite product!

I know there was a lot of detail - but you guys stuck with it and ended up with some great gifts!

I think you all deserved a graduation cap of your own at the end of the day!

We even had one gal making one of these boxes for her high school reunion - I won't tell you how many years ago she graduated...

Many thanks to Jenni, Esther, Sandy, Sara, Laure, Deb, Mary Ann, Natalie and everyone else for taking my class!

(especially to Jenni for her constant feedback which helped me improve my directions for this advanced class!)

I hope you all enjoyed learning how to use one of my new favorite tools - the ScorPal!
It was great to see your creative ideas being used to personalize your boxes.
If you didn't happen to have a Graduation this year, be sure to check the schedule at Scrapbooks Plus next spring, because I will definitely be making the Graduation Explosion Box class an annual event!

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