Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Cardstock & Ribbon

My favorite scrapping tool used to be my square punch, and this layout is a good example of why!When I come home from a day at the beach, I always have shots that consist of a tiny person against the backdrop of a lot of waves and ocean. A square punch helps really focus attention on the "best part" of the picture. If the image is too large, I really like the effect of splitting the picture between 2 punches. It is fun to play around with all those little squares until you find the perfect mosaic.

The rest of the layout is just cardstock and ribbon, with an alpha for the title and a few embellishments. (I must admit I loved the vellum alpha!)

Note: These pics were taken before I switched over to digital. I admit my first instinct now would be to crop them in Photoshop, making the person in the picture larger, but in this instance I am really glad I didn't. I often include small detail shots as an accent on my layouts, but this one is full of little details that really tell the whole story - and I love it!

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