Monday, December 7, 2009

In The House - November

I somehow did not get the November "In The House" posted last month! Must have been busy! Here is the class sample...I did not include pictures this time:
...and here is the way it will look once it comes down off the wall and you morph it into a layout!

Jerri sent me a photo of her finished project - she had to leave class early because her little girl was not feeling well. I think she did a great job!

Donna also had to leave before she was finished, but she had a good start on it!
You ladies all did a great job this month...there were a lot of techniques on this one: heat embossing, glittering, Pearl Ex, Cuttlebug embossing, edge punching & chalking!

Whew! I think that was all of them!
Here are some more pics from the class:

Thanks again for taking my class!
It really is such a fun group!

In December, the houses will be available again, so anybody who wants to jump into the project at this point can do so. There are a limited number of openings, so make sure you sign up early! Specify whether you need the house and the layout or, if you already have the house, if you just want to make the layout. Check the class schedule as I am offering a choice of a day or night class.

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