Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Once Upon a Springtime" Growth Chart

I love making growth charts as baby gifts.  Scrapbook papers these days are designed with such fabulous images and such a wide variety of themes, it is easy to create a very personalized gift.  For this example I used paper from Graphic 45's "Once Upon A Springtime" line.  There is room at the top to add a child's name.

Each of the 4 frames spaced along the measuring tape are meant to hold pictures of the child as she grows.  They open to reveal a place for journaling or additional photos...and the best part about them is that they are attached with velcro so that they may be removed at a later time and used as scrapbook elements!

Since this is intended to actually be used in a child's room, I try to keep the  embellishments to a minimum - little fingers love to touch - and as much as I love the idea of dimension - safety first when it comes to the kids!  Fortunately, the paper at the bottom of the growth chart has such detail and beauty, adding anything to that would have been "gilding the lily" as my mother would say!

Again, since the growth chart is meant to be used, I leave plenty of space along the measuring tape to mark dates and growth.  A few green swirls are spaced along the length to suggest vines and leaves - and to provide a perch for the fairies, of course- beautiful and functional!

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  1. beautiful work....thanks for dropping by my blog!!
    Love Kathie
    Ps yes my daughters are stunning