Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adding a Smile with a Clay Push Mold!

Long before I found scrapbooking I was a crafter.  I stitched and stuffed and glued myself silly.  I liked to try all kinds of crafts, and at one point I picked up some Sculpey clay and a push mold designed to make suns and faces.  I think I planned to make some lapel pins, but I never got around to it.
Anyway, I decided today was the day so I pulled out the clay, the mold, and my Perfect Crafting Pouch.  I wanted to use the Perfect Crafting Pouch as a release agent so  I pounced it on the mold until I had a visible layer of “magic” powder then I pounced it on my fingers so the clay wouldn’t stick to me!

I pressed the clay into the mold, evened out the back, cleaned up the edges, flexed the mold and –Voila! – the little faces popped right out! I used a soft brush to clean the excess powder off of the faces then baked them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

I used one of the faces to create this happy little embellishment: 

Which ended up on this layout (of course I used The Best Glue Ever to attach everything-that stuff is strong!):
 I also used the Perfect Crafting Pouch on the stamped image on this layout…and I used an interesting background. It may look like cardstock, but it is actually a paint sample from the local hardware store! The Perfect Crafting Pouch lets you stamp a perfect image on just about any surface!

Did you notice the background cardstock? It is from Core’dinations and has all these great words embossed on it. I sanded the embossing to revealed the core color, then used my handy dandy Perfect Cleaning Cloth and swiped away the mess!

ScraPerfect products are always in my crop bag because I can use them in so many different ways!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to share a laugh with someone you love!


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