Monday, December 5, 2011

Felt Flowers with Spellbinders Blossom One

I recently bought a new Spellbinders die that I am now in love with:  Spiral Blossom One.  I had seen the tutorial on You Tube and really wanted to make a felt flower.  I started by cutting the spiral in red felt. 

To make the blossom you simply begin rolling from the small end, and you can see a flower bud start to form immediately.

I actually decided I wanted to try mixing two different shades of red felt in one blossom, so I started over and rolled the two felt pieces together.  When I got to the end I held the felt in place with 2 of my extra long quilting pins.

I applied The Best Glue Ever directly to the bottom of the flower and let it dry.

I absolutely love the finished product and it is going to look great in one of my dimensional projects:

I have played with it a lot and it holds together very well, but I wanted to see how well it would work if I used a large glue spot.  I started with cream and a light wheat colored felt this time. I decided that a glue spot about the size of a quarter would be perfect, so I traced it on my release paper and filled in the circle with a thin coat of The Best Glue Ever. 

When you make a thin layer it dries very quickly.

I turned the felt flower over and pressed it to the glue spot.  It picked it right up and I was able to remove the pins and finish the flower by folding the bottom flaps into place.  
This one also holds together very well...and here it is adhered to a canvas I designed:
The Christmas tree is something I just learned to make.  It is so eye-catching and so very easy - that's a combination I can't resist!  I will have a little tutorial later this week so be sure to check back.

;) Susie

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