Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick Christmas Gift

Would you like to create a personalized, inexpensive Christmas gift that will be used and appreciated every day  - and do it in less than an hour? Check out this desk calendar I created:
It really is easy to make.  First, pick up an acrylic picture frame like the one below.  It is intended to display (2) -5"x7" pictures.  I think I found this one at WalMart, but I also saw one on sale at Kohl's yesterday!
The brown cardstock in the background is cut to 7" x 10.25".  I decorated the left edge with paper from the Baby Steps collection from Simple Stories. I love this stuff because it works for boys or girls and it is not at all frou-frou so it can sit on a man's desk and not be out of place!  You can see here that the frame is turned on its side:
I also used some elements from the 6"x6"paper pad on the background and slid it back into the acrylic frame.
On top of the acrylic frame, I added a layered die cut frame created using my Labels Eight dies from Spellbinders.  Ready for a surprise?  I designed it so that the frame opens and the picture can be replaced throughout the year if desired.
To create this effect is another very simple technique.  Fold the cardstock you want to use in half, then position the the fold so that it is just inside the cutting edge of the Spellbinders die:

The picture is held in place inside with some clear photo corners:
The frame is held closed by attaching a button (I created one using a Spellbinder die but you can use a real button)  to the left hand side of the frame using baker's twine.  This is Cappuccino twine from The Twinery.  Just leave it long enough to wrap around the acrylic frame a few times, and then wrap around the button once. I tied a little overhand knot near the end of the twine to keep it from unraveling with repeated use.
Add a Post-It note pad and a mini-calendar and you are done!
I order my mini-calendars from SkyBluePink, however you can always print your own if you are short on time.  Redcastle offers free downloadable software that lets you size and print calendars at home.

Now just think about the possibilities!  Change the paper and the picture and you can have a lovely wedding shower gift or birthday present!  Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

;) Susie

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