Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Match

As many of you know, I love to watch my sons wrestle.  The end of this season was particularly exciting because Paul won the 182 lb district title 
Moxxie's Born To Wrestle papers were perfect to scrap the event.  They are black, white and gray so they will work for any school...just mix in the color of your choice!
It was definitely Paul's toughest match of the year.  Look how exhausted he is in the center photo!  The photo on the left is where he is "cradling" his opponent and getting back points. The photo on the right is him with the head coach after the match - so proud!

The tag with the title pulls out and gives the details on scoring for each of the 3 periods.

The tickets in the upper right are hand stamped.  I just rolled the corner of the paper over and tucked them in.

I added one of Jenni Bowlin's Mini Sports Bingo cards and another one of my hand stamped tickets to three wrestling themed stickers from Moxxie  to finish off the layout:

Since I wanted to add some dimension by "popping up" them up, I needed to de-activate the adhesive on the back of each sticker.  No problem!  I pulled out  ScraPerfect's Perfect Crafting Pouch and gently ran it over the back of each sticker.


  1. Love this layout especially all the inky nummyness! I really like how you made your ticket pocket-very original.

  2. I love the hand stamped tickets and the tag that details the match. Great work!