Thursday, October 10, 2013

Casino Night with Paper House Productions Las Vegas Collection

When my son graduated from high school in June, they had an all night lock-in and one of the areas was set up like a casino - roulette wheels, black jack, craps tables and slot machines.   Working with the Las Vegas Collection  from Paper House for this layout was like being dealt a "winning hand."
(and yes, I am going to continue to throw in the occasional gambling related jargon just because I can!)

To start with, I used a craft knife to fussy cut under "Las" in the title area of the Viva Las Vegas paper so I could slip a photo and a die cut roulette wheel underneath.
I happen to think that you can never have too much glitz on a layout about Las Vegas so I "raised the stakes" above the title with a bit of bling from Want2Scrap!

Paper House did such a great job of re-creating that famous Las Vegas sign in their 3D stickers!
I "anted up" with some of the 3D poker chips...
...and then went "all in" by layering it on top of the slot machine die cut - I just love how real it looks!  The manilla tag is my "ace in the hole" when it comes to journaling.

A little more bling and a glitzy 3D sticker directs the eye to that handful of cash, which was not real money quite obviously, but faux currency that featured the seniors' portraits.

And this blurry little photo is probably the most important picture on the page because it really captures my son's favorite memory!
They had a huge, inflatable slot machine that the students would step into wearing black out glasses to obscure their vision.  For 30 seconds a machine would blow and swirl money around them and whatever they caught they could keep!  Most of the money was fake, but they did mix in the occasional George or Abe.  My son proved to have a technique that worked particularly well and when he "cashed out"  he was ahead of the "house". 

So just remember, when it is time for you to "buy in", The Paper House Las Vegas Collection is a "safe bet" for scrapping your casino night event!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

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