Thursday, March 31, 2016

Travel Pocket Tag

I entered this Travel Pocket Tag in a contest over at FaveCrafts and first prize is $1000!  
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I frequently find myself needing a quick gift for somebody.  These days you can get a gift card for just about anything from Home Improvement to Manicures and Massages!  The real question is how to stylishly present the gift card.  This pocket tag is the perfect solution! 

I developed this stitched pocket technique using one of Eileen Hull's Stitchlit dies and now I am looking for any excuse to use it!  I fell in love with the *new* Explore Collection from Authentique Papers and decided to make this tag with a travel theme!  


1.       Cut a 4” x 8.5” tag from heavy weight scrapbook paper. This will be the front of the pocket.
2.       Position the Sizzix Border Stitchlits die at center top of tag and secure with washi tape.
3.       Run through die cutting machine and remove die, revealing holes for stitching.

4.     Use scissors to carefully cut between the die cut holes.
5.     Flip tag over and apply ¼” iCraft Easy Tear Tape along sides and bottom of tag. Do not remove liner at this point.
6.     On front side, cross stitch using Crimson Night yarn to close about 1/3 of the way up the bottom, tying a bow to finish it off.

7.     Cut a second tag from heavy weight scrapbook paper to create the back of the pocket.  Apply ink to edges, remove liner from tapes and adhere the tags together.
8.     Starting in the center, use a pencil to gently roll each of the die cut edges down and out.  Use Thermoweb 3D Zots to hold the curled flaps in place.

9.     Use star shaped die from the Sizzix Banners & Pennants set (or a star shaped punch if you own one) to cut 3 stars from iCraft Easy Cut Adhesive.  Peel off the liner and adhere the stars to the front of the tag.
10.   Remove the top liner revealing the star shaped adhesive.
11.   Apply Deco Foil, with the silver side facing down against the adhesive and the colored side facing up.  Burnish well.

12.   If you missed a portion of the star (like I did - oops!) simply place another piece of Deco Foil on top of the adhesive and burnish again!

13.   Use Thermoweb 3D Foam Squares to add dimension to stickers and cardstock embellishments on the front of the tag. 
14.   Stuff the pocket with cardstock embellishments, adding more of the yarn at the top of a tag.  Be sure to leave room to include a gift card and a special note!

I sometimes use plain cardstock or a manila tag for the back of thepocket as that makes a nice place to write a personal note to the giftee!  These pockets can be as simple or as embellished as you would care to make them.  I chose a travel theme for my tag but you can personalize it for any occasion. Using Eileen Hull’s Stitchlits dies from Sizzix, the unique stitched opening is easy to create and makes a fun-to-fill pocket for your gift and good wishes!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Materials for Travel  PocketTag:

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