Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas ATC with Eileen Hull ColorBox Blends

I added a little fun to my December by joining in on a Christmas ATC and Charm swap! 

I started with the ATC because it gave me a chance to play with inks and stencils!  I used 3 different colors from Eileen Hull's Clearsnap Collection.  Eileen's ColorBox Blends are designed with a built in applicator sponge and contain more than 10 times the ink of a traditional ink pad.  They last a long time!

I cut watercolor paper to the standard ATC size, 3.5"x2.5" and then applied Eileen's ColorBox Blend through a stencil.  The color I chose?  Stop!  What a wonderful shade of red and just perfect for Christmas!

Next I used Golden to add a star centered near the top of the ATC and to ink the edges of the card.

Since this was for a swap, I was actually working on several ATCs at the same time.  I had a sentiment I wanted to add so I used a stamp platform to make sure it was in the same spot on each of the cards.

I used more of the Stop ink to paint in the word "joy" from the stamped sentiment.  I just depressed the applicator onto a craft mat and grabbed a paintbrush! I really liked the effect -with the softer red of the same shade in the background and a solid, bold pop in the front!

I have a favorite Origami technique I use almost every year to create a folded Christmas tree for at least one project.  Since the scale of this tree is so small, I chose very thin book paper so that it was easy to fold and crease. (You can find a step by step tutorial at my original post HERE

The squares were cut in 2 different sizes, 3/4" and 1.25".  I cut and folded 1 tiny square for the top and then had an additional 4 slightly larger squares that I used to build the rest of the tree.  I cut a narrow strip of cardstock that was 2.5" long and then covered it with a piece of Therm O Web double sided SuperTape.  I removed the liner and then assembled the tree by stacking the triangles, slipping the tips of each triangle into the folds of the one above above it.

I covered the remaining adhesive on the trunk of the tree with Pewter Deco Foil.  Just be sure to apply the foil with the shiny side up! (for some reason I always want to do it the wrong way...)

I used another of Eileen's ColorBox Blends to ink my trees:  Frog! Don't you love that name?!  It is a really cool blue-green color that reminds me of a spruce tree!

I finished the ATC's off by topping each of the trees with a tiny gold star from the Paper House Productions Christmas Micro Sticker Pack.  There are multiple stickers of many designs to these micro sticker packs are great for ATC cards!

Now to move onto the Charm part of the swap!  I have been playing with resin lately and knew that was the way to go to create a durable, wearable charm.  The guidelines included the directive to include a little sparkle on the charm. I decided to add mine with metallic gold embossing powder.

I heat embossed the image onto tissue paper and then trimmed out the design close to the outer edge. I chose tissue paper because it basically disappears in clear resin.

I chose Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin for my charms.  I carefully measured and mixed a batch per the directions.

I poured a thin layer of resin into the bottom of a star shaped silicone candy mold, positioned the embossed  image in the center and added a little more resin.  Then...I waited.

Once it was cured I mixed up another batch of resin but this time I added an opaque red colorant to the mix.

Per the directions, I added the pigment to Part A before combining with Part B of the resin.  Be sure to read the instructions as you want to pay attention the the amount of pigment in relationship to the amount of the resin.  You don't want to end up with resin that doesn't cure properly!


I poured the second layer and then waited...again!  Once it was cured the stars popped right out of the mold.

I used a Dremel to drill a tiny hole at the top of one of the star points on each of the charms and inserted a jump ring.  Here's a shot of the finished charm and ATC combo.

So I packaged them up and sent them off...

...and look what I got in return!

I have an extra ATC/Charm set so I thought I would do a little Giveaway!  Here is how to enter:

1.  Become a follower on my Instagram for 1 entry.
2.  Become a follower on my Facebook Page for 1 entry.
3.  Leave me a comment letting me know you are interested!

I will pick a winner and post it here on Jan 5th so be sure to check back!

Thanks to Michelle Frae Cummings for hosting this swap!  Can't wait for the next one!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Clearsnap ColorBox Blends by Eileen Hull: Stop, Frog, Golden

The Crafters Workshop TCW359 Stencil Microbial 6x6
Heidi Swapp stencil
Resin Obsession Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin, Opaque Red Color Pigment
Silicone candy mold
Therm O Web Supertape, 1/4" , Pewter Deco Foil
Paper House Productions  Christmas Micro Stickers
Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform
Embossing powder
Tissue paper
Jump ring


  1. Great looking charms!
    Looks like the exchange
    was wonderful. I'd like
    your extra charms, thanks
    for the chance to win.
    Happy New Year!
    Carla from Utah

  2. I follow your
    Facebook and
    Carla from Utah

  3. That little star is so cute. Thanks for a chance to win that extra ATC/charm set. I am always looking for inspiration for projects.

  4. Wow great job! Love that little ATC. Thanks for the resin tutorial I am so going to make some of these~

  5. Love your pretty ATC and charm! The folded tree is really sweet and I love your charm! I'm interested!~
    Following on IG and FB!

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