Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spooktacular Jewelry with Amazing Casting Products

Hello and welcome to the October Designers Craft Connection Blog Hop.  This month we are partnering with Amazing Casting Products and the focus is on jewelry - Spooktacular Jewelry!

My projects today started with Amazing Clear Cast resin, which cures to a rigid, clear, durable plastic.  It is perfect for creating jewelry, especially when you add in Alumidust and Alumilite Dyes!

First up is a cool pendant necklace:

The directions for Amazing Clear Cast are super easy to follow.  I measured equal amounts (by volume) of Parts A and B and mixed them together being careful to not add excessive air bubbles during the stirring process.  Just keep stirring for a couple of minutes until there are no streaks or cloudiness.

I found these cool silicone ice cube molds at a local discount home goods store.  I used a paint brush and dusted small amounts of Copper and Light Green Alumidust into the bottom of the molds.  As the Alumidust creates a fairly opaque finish, I was careful to not completely cover the bottom of the mold as I wanted the resin to show through.

I added the tiniest bit of Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye to the Clear Cast Resin...

... and mixed thoroughly.  A little bit goes a long way! 

I ended up with a very dark, opaque blue which I poured into the molds.  I covered it to keep dust from falling onto my creations and then came the hardest part.  I waited!

After about 18 hours I popped them out of the mold and voila!

The metallic sheen on these pieces is absolutely stunning!

I wrapped some copper wire around my resin piece and added beads on the top and bottom.  I think it looks really elegant!

Time to  add some Halloween Flair!  I actually had several silicone molds going at the same time with a variety of combinations of materials.  For this cute little owl I dusted the mold with Copper Alumidust  before adding clear resin.

This is actually the back side of the owl after I popped him out of the mold.  The front side has a matte finish.  I wanted you to see the back because I actually decided to use a temporary way to affix him to my necklace.  I used a thin, clear adhesive dot - can you see it on his tummy? 

I really love the way the necklace turned out so by making the resin owl removeable I gave myself way more opportunities to wear it year round!

My second piece is totally Halloween!

I started with a silicone muffin pan and some images I had stamped on tissue paper with permanent ink.  I dusted the bottom of the pan/mold with Alumidust.

I don't have pictures of this step, but I used a sponge to apply clear resin to the stamped tissue paper. I started with the back and then flipped it over and coated the front. I positioned it in the bottom of the mold which had been pretty thoroughly dusted with Light Green Alumidust before adding a layer of clear resin.  I also mixed up some resin with the Alumilite Ocean Blue Dye and added several drips of color.  It was fun to watch the migration of the drips! 

I also added Copper Alumidust to the clear resin and mixed it up thoroughly...

...before pouring it into a silicone mold with numbers and letters.

Here is a close up of 2 sets I created.  The top set was with the Alumidust mixed into the resin.  The bottom set just had Alumidust dusted in the mold.  Both are beautiful, but you can see how you can vary the intensity of the color.

I wanted to try to add a moveable game spinner to this  piece and it worked!  I simply attached the spinner with a brad to the top of a metal bead.  After my first pour had completely cured, I added a second layer of clear resin and then placed a set of numbers and the spinner into the resin.  And then I waited - again the hardest part of working with resin!!

But well worth the wait!  I should mention that the words were created with a Dymo label maker and were adhered to the first layer before I made my second pour of clear resin.  I added a pin to the back and can't wait to wear it out and about!

I actually had so many bits and pieces to play with that I created another necklace with a pretty subtle Halloween theme.  Instead of the owl, I added the "31" using E-6000 adhesive - so this one is permanent!

One more picture!  I mixed up a second batch of resin using the Alumilite Ocean Blue Dye.   This time I used a smaller amount of the die and I didn't completely mix in the dye before I poured it into the mold.  Can you see that the darker swirls are still visible?  Hmmm - now what to do with this piece?

There are 14 designers participating in today's hop with lots of ideas and inspiration:

Susie Bentz  (you are here!)

If you get lost, you can find the master list here:  Designers Craft Connection

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corp.:
Other supplies:
Various silicone molds
Stamp - Character Constructions
Copper wire - 26 gauge
Ranger Game Spinner
Dymo label maker
Pin back
Craft mat
Glue dot
Small paint brushes


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    1. LOL! Ann you are so sweet- thank you!

    2. And if you are asking about the molds, I bought them at Tuesday Morning several months ago - maybe you could find them on sale now! Good luck!

  2. Very cool!! Would love to learn about resin crafts and making jewelery with it. Looks fun :)

    1. Thanks Connie - I wish we lived closer and we could play!!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. Extremely impressive

    1. Thank you! Resin is so easy - and I loved playing with the Alumidust and the Alumilite Dye!

  4. so many amazing ideas, love them all!!

  5. I totally love this! You rocked it.