Etching a Thrift Store Glass Top Table

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Spring is right around the corner and it is time to think about enjoying time on our screened in porch.  I had picked up a small glass topped side table at a thrift store and knew it would be perfect on the deck.  To add a little pizazz I decided to create an etched border around the edge of the table top so I reached for my etchall®etching crème and etchall® reposition/reuse stencil spray.

I cleaned the glass with soap and water, wiped it down with alcohol and dried it with a lint free cloth. The glass had some sort of white coating on the underside so I was careful to make sure I was working on the top.

I chose a stencil with a bunch of fun and funky leaves and trimmed it into strips to make it easier to handle. I lightly sprayed them with the stencil spray and waited for them to dry. The spray makes the surface tacky and will adhere the stencil to glass, china, marble and slate.

Working with one small section at a time I placed the stencil on the glass, firmly pressing it into place and  then applied tape around the edges.  I used the etchall® squeegee and the pads of my fingers to make sure it was all firmly adhered and that there were no air bubbles. I then applied the etchall etching creme very thickly with the squeegee, covering the stencil area completely.

Now comes the hard part.  You have to wait for 15 minutes.  (I just set a timer and watched TV with my husband - so not really a hardship!)
etchall® etching creme is completely reusable so I used the etchall® squeegee to scrape as much back into the bottle as I possibly could and then thoroughly washed it off under running water. I even gave it a good rub with a sponge before I removed the tape and stencil.  
NOTE:  Do NOT rinse in a porcelain sink as this is an etching product and it will remove the glaze.

I repeated those steps and worked my way around the edge of the glass, rinsing and drying the stencils between each use.  The stencil spray stayed tacky and continued to work like a champ, but I did use new tape for the edges each time.

I am thrilled with how it turned out!  So easy! 


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Glass Etching Supplies:

etchall® etching crème
etchall® reposition/reuse stencil spray
etchall® Squeegee

Other:  TCW stencil: Abstract Leaves, tape, glass top table


  1. happy to have you on our your style!!!

    This table top is not only lovely but usable. I can see you sitting in your yard relaxing and thinking about your next etching!!! ESPN I love to take someones throw away and make something new. I would rather shop the "thrift shops" of the town than a Walmart or Macy's!! Again, welcome to the team. Your pictures and words in your tutorial are very, very good. Thank you for showing etchall products. Cannot wait to see next project. Barbee...<{{}}><

    1. Thank you so much Barbee! I am working on my next few projects already!

  2. Awesome job! I always thought you had to use a transfer tape. Thank you for showing me you didn’t.

    1. Thank you! I have never used stencil spray before and it worked great! It makes me so happy because I have a HUGE collection of stencils. I am working on a couple more projects already!

  3. I have a glass etching tool and I'm wondering if I should use the etching cream and the tool together? Can someone help me with this? Susie, love this project! Teresa from Tn.

    1. Hi Teresa! I have never used an etching tool. This table is actually only the 2nd project I have ever made with etchall etching creme and it was REALLY easy!! I *love* this stuff!

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