Monday, August 27, 2018

Get Wrapped! Blog Hop with Eileen Hull Designs

Hello and welcome to the Get Wrapped Blog Hop 

Get ready for INSPIRATION with a series of wonderful projects from talented designers that incorporate products from our very generous sponsors: 
Paper Artsy, Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull!  
You also have the chance to win a $150 prize package - check out the details at the end of my post!

All of the designers began with Eileen Hull's very popular Wrapped Journal XL die from Sizzix.

Here is my project:

I die cut  the journal from mat board and applied a coat of Seth Apter's Limited Edition Spanish Mulberry Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic from Paper Artsy.  These paints are water based, highly pigmented and dry very quickly to a matte finish.

After applying a crackle medium on top of the Spanish Mulberry, I added a layer of Glacier Ice and watched the magic happen!

I painted the inside of the journal with Glacier Ice.  Eileen's Wrapped Journal die pre-cuts the holes for 4 signatures so it is quick and easy work to lace in and tie the elastics in the spine.

Emerald Creek sent along some metal brads and embossing powders.

I heat embossed one of the Antique Silver Metal Circle Dot Brads with Allure Silverster-Kracher Embossing Powder (red with white mixed in) and used it as part of the closure for the journal.  I anchored the brad in the spine and then added a loop of elastic to the front flap.

Next I used one of Eileen's dies to cut a Heart Journal Card from lightweight cardboard.  I used more of the Allure Embossing Powder to heat emboss the card...

... before die cutting it again with one of the Hearts Journal Card dies.  I separated the hearts from the journal card and set them aside to sprinkle throughout my love themed mini!

Next I adhered (2) layers of lightweight cardboard together.  I used one of Eileen's Heart Journal Cards again.  These dies are Thinlits so they didn't cut all the way through the cardboard.  It cut through the top layer but left the bottom layer intact so the hearts all stayed in place.  The edge was almost cut through, so it was very easy to clean it up with a pair of scissors - I just followed the cut line!

Emerald Creek also sent this lovely Silver Sparkle Embossing Powder and  I used it to heat emboss the journal card and "love", which was die cut from Eileen's Journaling Words set.

I layered the heart journaling cards so that the silver peeks through the hearts of the top layer, and then adhered it to the front of the Wrapped Journal.

I added a cut out of my parents and the title "Young Love".

When you open the top flap of the journal you find another layer.  This is where I added the heat embossed word, "love".  I also added a sprinkling of the heat embossed hearts that were die cut from the cards.  (There are 2 heart card dies in the set, which is why you see 2 different size hearts below.)

I also created a stencil with one of the Hearts Journal Cards.  I did not show the step here, but I used it to add tiny Venice Blue hearts with more of the Fresco Finish Chalk Paints.

On the inside I added some texture by using a sponge to "pounce"  a mixture of Glacier Ice, Venice Blue and Spanish Mulberry.  I added another photo of my parents on the inside.  It was also die cut with the Hearts Journaling Card set, which includes a smooth or wavy edge card.  I used another die from the Credit Card Sleeve and Tags set to create the smaller inner border and then used a black marker to color in the edge.  And yes!  I did sprinkle on some more heat embossed hearts!

Here's a close up of the inside detail:

I mentioned that Eileen's Wrapped Journal holds 4 signatures. I had a bunch of plain gray cards that were 7"x5" (when opened).    I used a brayer to apply the Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics.

I just put a little paint on my craft mat, rolled the brayer through to pick up the paints, and then rolled it over the cards.  It is such an easy way to add texture and layered color!

After the paint dried I used the cards to create the signatures inside the journal by stacking 3 or 4 of them together and then slipping them under one of the elastics in the spine.

Here's a close up that shows how I used the Flower Square stamp from Emerald Creek to create a focal point on the front of the first signature.  It worked beautifully with the chalk paint!  I finished it off with one of the Metal Circle Dot Brads and a permanent black pen.

The next signature used a Heart Journal Card heat embossed with the Silver Sparkle.  The photo of my parents was die cut using Eileen's Credit Card Sleeve and Tags set.

More stenciling and die cutting on this signature!

Let's Get Wrapped Blog Contest!

We are blog hopping with some amazing people today all in the name of fun, and cross brand creativity. 
Of course there will be a prize pack valued over $150 USD from PaperArtsy, Seth Apter, Eileen Hull & Emerald Creek.

To be entered you must pop by and comment on each of the blog posts. 
(We don't want you to miss any of the tips and tricks.)

Contest closes Aug 29th at midnight and a winner will be announced Aug 30th, 2018.  

Susie Bentz (you are here)

Supplies for Wrapped Journal:

Sizzix Eileen Hull Wrapped Journal XL die
Sizzix Eileen Hull Thinlits Journaling Cards, Hearts
Sizzix Eileen Hull Framelits, Credit Card Sleeve and Tags
Sizzix Eileen Hull Thinlits Journaling Words
Sizzix Little Sizzles Mat Board
Emerald Creek Antique Silver Metal Circle Dot Brads
Emerald Creek Flower Square Art Stamp
Emerald Creek Allure Silverster-Kracher Embossing Powder
Emerald Creek Silver Sparkle Embossing Powder
Paper Artsy/Seth Apter Limited Edition Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics:  Spanish Mulberry, Venice Blue, Glacier Ice, Steel Grey

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Artsy Heart Charm ATC Swap

Earlier this year I joined in on an Artsy Heart Charm ATC Swap with some of my crafty friends.

The theme was pretty open but there were a few guidelines:
  • Hand make your heart (you can add store bought items)
  • Silver or gold findings.
  • Charm should be no larger than 1.5"
  • Charms should be durable enough to be worn.
Time to play...

For me, resin is always a good starting point when it comes to charms.  I mixed and poured Amazing Clear Cast resin into a silicone candy mold and added a couple drops of red alcohol ink. After 24 hours I popped out the cured hearts.

Tip of the day:  If you want your cast resin to be clear and shiny, the silicone mold you use must be shiny.
The picture below shows the top and bottom of the hearts.  The side contacting the mold has a frosted appearance.

If you are like me and you didn't know that little fact and you cast about a dozen of these that you don't want to waste, try this trick: Add a coating of clear fingernail polish.  I actually decided to be "artsy" and I taped off half of my hearts and applied the polish on one side.

Now I will tell you that I ended up turning this into the back side of my charm so you will not see it in future pictures.  I just wanted to share this little tip!

Power Tools!  Out to the garage to use a drill press to add holes.
Testing this out for size, I ended up cutting off about 14 links of this chain. 

Time to use one of my favorite products:  Bondic.  Bondic is a plastic welder that hardens in seconds.  No stinky dangerous fumes.  No burnt fingertips.  Start by placing a couple drops of the liquid plastic into one of the holes...

...hook the brad through the end link of the chain, place it in the hole, and then use the LED light to cure it.  This works because the resin is transparent.  Bondic needs to be exposed to light to cure.  Love this stuff!

I used it again to seal the connection on a jump ring. (definitely wanted it to be durable!)

And time to move on to the next one!

And by the way, I recommend adding the charms onto the chain before you weld it to the charm.  
Do as I say, not as I do! ( er...did)  

I used Eileen Hull's ColorBox Blends for my ATC. (Eileen's inks come with a built in applicator sponge and contain 10 times the ink of a traditional ink pad.) I splooshed a little Golden and Bay inks onto my blending surface and repeatedly dragged the ATCs through it until I was happy.

Here's a little video of the process (apologies for the camerawork!): 

I stamped a key image onto the ATC using black Archival Ink. To finish things off I printed a quote I liked onto cardstock, trimmed it out, added a few strokes with a pen and some doodled hearts.

With regard to the ATC theme, I was conflating the heart with the soul - and that works for me!

These little lovelies are on their way to new homes!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  Susie

Artsy Heart Charm ATC materials:

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin
Alcohol Ink
Silicone candy mold
Clearsnap Eileen Hull ColorBox Blends Golden, Bay
Bondic Plastic Welder
Metal chain, brads, charm, findings