Monday, March 16, 2020

Cat & Mouse Etched Glass Cheese Cloche

I recently developed a certain fascination with glass cloches, so when I hit the local thrift store the other day I was tickled to find a very basic glass cheese cloche.  It was just begging to be updated...and I had a jar of etchall® etching crème!

Time to play...

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You will need:
Glass cheese cloche
Silhouette Cameo 
Sandpaper'sanding block
Rustoleum spray paint

Online, I found a free SVG of a cat and mouse and I thought it would be so cute if a line of mice, trailed by a curious kitty,  circled the glass cloche looking for a way to get in!  I cut the file with my Silhouette Cameo and created a stencil by removing the etchall® etchmask from the areas I wanted to etch.

I covered the design with an etchall® transfer sheet and burnished it very well...

...before lifting the design and applying it to the glass.

With the pads of my fingers I firmly pressed the stencil into place, making sure there were no air bubbles, especially along the edge of the design.  I used tape to protect the rest of the glass.

I then applied a thick layer of etchall® etching crème over the entire design area. 

After 15 minutes I scraped the crème back into the original container (because it is completely reusable) and thoroughly washed away any remaining residue before removing the stencil.
NOTE:  Do not rinse in a porcelain sink as this is an etching product and it will remove the glaze.  

I decided to give the base a makeover as well.  I used a sanding block to prepare the surface before applying a coat of spray paint.

I love it!  Look at the detail! 

It just makes me smile!

I created an entire Pinterest board of glass cloches to inspire me (find it HERE), so who knows what I will come up with next!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  ~ Susie

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