Thursday, April 2, 2020

Age Gets Better with Wine!

Personalize a Wine Bottle with Vinyl 

(and a sense of humor)!

The gift of a simple bottle of wine becomes a little something more with a creative presentation!  I found a funny quote (perfect for a birthday), removed the wine bottle label, and pulled out a rainbow of Polished Metal vinyl!

Time to play... 

I cut each of the 5 words from a different color of vinyl...

...and used the weeding tool to carefully remove the vinyl in and around the letters. 

I used a piece of gridded transfer tape to pick up each of the words, gently burnishing them with the scraper tool... 

...before peeling the release paper off of the back. 

I positioned the vinyl on the bottle and burnished again with the scraper. 

Peeling away the transfer tape reveals that bright and shiny metallic finish!  Wow! 

To make this gifting even more festive I decided to use more of the Polished Metal vinyl to decorate a mylar balloon from the dollar store!  I cut and weeded a sentiment... 

...before applying it to the balloon using transfer tape and the scraper.  When I removed the transfer tape I have to say it did lift a tiny bit of color off of the balloon in different areas, but most people wouldn't even notice it. 

I cut stars to sprinkle around the balloon (and the wine bottle) and just used the pick tool to position them.

The Polished Metal vinyl really pops off of the background - just gorgeous! 

I have already made plans to decorate more bottles and balloons for upcoming events - anniversaries, retirements, housewarmings, and graduations! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!
~ Susie 

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