Wednesday, April 8, 2020

DIY Etched Glass Bowl for Easter

I was browsing through the Silhouette Store the other day and I happened upon a file that really caught my eye.  Easter is just around the corner and I thought the rabbit design would be perfect as an etched design on one of my glass trifle bowls. 

Time to play... 

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After cutting and weeding the design, cover it with transfer sheet and burnish with the squeegee...

...before removing the etchall® etchmask vinyl from the backing sheet. The glass trifle bowl should be washed and then wiped down with alcohol before applying the stencil.

Once the stencil is in place, burnish with the squeegee before removing the transfer sheet.  Be sure to protect any exposed areas of the glass that you do not want to etch with tape!

Since I was working with a bowl I knew I could only do half of the design at a time.  I covered up my work surface with plastic, laid the bowl on its side,  and used the squeegee to cover the design area with the etching crème.

After 15 minutes I scraped off the crème and returned it to the original container.  I gently wiped down this area with a paper towel before turning the bowl over and repeating the process with the other half of the design. 

After waiting another 15 minutes I used the squeegee to return the etching crème to the original container before thoroughly washing the bowl in the sink. 
NOTE:  Do NOT do this in a porcelain sink as this is an etching product and it will remove the glaze! 

Remove the vinyl to reveal the design. 

It looks great as a decoration filled with Easter grass and eggs, but I plan to use it for my Ambrosia recipe on the dinner table this weekend!  

Happy Easter!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!  ~ Susie

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