Friday, July 3, 2020

Cool Cat Rain Boots with StyleTechCraft™ Glossy Craft Vinyl

One of my all time favorite memories has got to be seeing my baby girl stomping rain puddles wearing her much loved Ladybug rain boots.  I actually bought them for her in 2 sizes because she loved them and wanted to wear them rain or shine.  It was sad when she grew out of them.  (she is 22 now so...)  Lucky for me that I have a niece who deserves her own special rain boots!

Time to play...  

StyleTechCraft™ has 45 different colors of Craft Vinyl with a nice glossy finish so you are sure to be able to find the colors you need for your project. 

 I sized the designs in Silhouette Studio prior to cutting them with my Cameo.  I  carefully removed the excess vinyl in and around the design with the weeding tool. 

Using transfer tape, I lifted the first cat design off the release paper and applied it to the clean, dry boot.  I burnished the design and then peeled off the transfer tape.  

I went back to the design and worked on the umbrella with the paw prints first. I picked up the top layer with transfer tape...

...before aligning it on top of the yellow umbrella base...

...and adding it to the boot! 

Burnish thoroughly and remove the transfer tape.

Take a moment to admire your work! 

The design for the second boot was even cuter - the umbrella has little fishies on it!  I layered the design the same way... 

...before burnishing it in place on the boot.

Remove the transfer tape and... 

...ta-dah! You have the coolest kitty cat rain boots ever! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!
~ Susie

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Materials for Cool Cat Rain Boots:

StyleTechCraft™ Glossy Craft Vinyl
StyleTechCraft™ Gridded Transfer Tape
StyleTechCraft™ Tools
Rain boots


  1. I want these boots!! so cute!

  2. These are entirely too fun. My mother in law loves cats...I should make something like this for her.

    1. Thanks! They were fun and easy! I have another pair of boots for myself I am contemplating...