Thursday, September 3, 2020

Halloween Cocktails - A Reusable Lighted Glass Block

I decided to create a fun cocktail sign for my bar this Halloween and I immediately thought of using a lighted glass block. I love the look and there are  so many cute design ideas out there!  I am trying to downsize, however, and I don't want to have a collection of glass blocks for every holiday so...I came up with the idea of a reusing a single glass block with removable inserts!

Time to play...

I bought a 7.5" glass block from Michaels. The glass block comes with a large rectangular hole in one side - about 1" by 4" - and a plastic stopper slotted for a power cord.  I determined that a 6.25" square was the right size to fit inside the block.

I combined two designs in the Silhouette Studio software program then used Ultra Metallic black vinyl to cut out part of the design.  (I used the metallic vinyl setting on my Cameo and it cut and weeds like a dream!)

I covered the design with gridded transfer tape and gently burnished it with the scraper tool before centering it on a 6.25" square of clear craft plastic.  After gently burnishing it again I removed the transfer tape.

I then "filled" two of the cocktail glasses with Transparent Violet and Apple Green vinyls.  (Check out the eyeball garnish created with Craft vinyl!)

I used Sunflower Transparent Glitter vinyl to "fill" the Jack-O-Lantern glass.  (See how I layered it right on top of the facial features? Once I put the light behind it you won't be able to tell!)

I rolled up the design square and slipped it inside.

I added lights behind it and...Voila!

I think it looks great but I decided I wanted to "soften" the lights a bit. I removed the design square and adhered a layer of White Etched vinyl on the back side.

Here you can see the subtle effect.

I slipped the design square back inside and turned on the lights again.

Here is a photo of each so you can compare the two options.

Here's another angle...

When it is time for the next season or holiday I simply slip in a new design and store this one away in a quart size ziplock baggie!  Come back next week to see my design for Autumn!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play today!

~ Susie

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